Zed Lasik is a well-established and trusted private eye care clinic in Singapore. We are comprised of a team of professionals and eye specialists that are dedicated and committed in providing the best possible care and treatment for your vision needs and wellness. With specialists in laser eye surgeries like Lasik, Lasek, Epi-Lasek, Relex-Smile and more.

Our ultimate goal is beyond 100% patient satisfaction. We are offering excellent personalized service, effective treatment and continuos eye health support. Through our expansive experience in eye care health and surgeries, we are able to provide the best vision enhancement experience to our patients.

It is our mission to help people improve their way of life. By improving their vision they could see the world the way they see it before they wore glasses and contact lenses. To give them a sense of freedom from the limitations caused by their diminished eye sight.

Rest assured that Zed Lasik will continue to improve on our knowledge, treatment procedures, facilities, technology and most importantly, our relationship with our patients. Because here, we care about you. 

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