What is Epi Lasik?

Epi Lasik eye surgery (Epipolis Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis) is a surfaced based refractive surgery technique that is very similar to LASIK and LASEK procedure.

In Epi Lasik, a flap is also created but much thinner than the flap created in Lasik. Another difference is that the flap is created by an instrument called the epithelial separator that has a thin blunt edge. This separator is the one that creates an ultra-thin flap to be lifted and repositioned back after the reshaping of the cornea.

Illustration of eye care specialist with different lasik surgery procedures | Zed Lasik Epi Lasik Singapore

Why choose Epi Lasik procedure?

Epi Lasik procedure is very popular nowadays but not everyone can be an instant candidate. That is why it is necessary to find a well-established eye centre that understands the needs of the patients and explains every detail why you will need to choose Epi Lasik over the other laser procedures.

There are many reasons to choose Epi Lasik surgery and it is important that you know these reasons to help you decide if Epi Lasik will provide the best results for you.

Now, to give you some idea, here are some of the advantages of Epi Lasik surgery:

Does not involve any cutting of the corneal nerves

Lesser eye discomfort

Decreased chance of eye dryness

Has established record of safety and stability

Reduced flap complications

Appropriate for patients with thin or irregular corneas

Able to treat patients exposed to contact sports or physically demanding jobs like soldiers, boxers,        

      mma fighters, etc.

Surgeon will place a soft contact lens over the flap to protect and promote faster healing

Less downtime

Healing within 4 days

There are several more advantages for choosing Epi Lasik eye surgery but as in any other eye surgery, only an experienced eye surgeon can explain to you what are the other factors to consider aside from these advantages. Remember that a well-skilled surgeon will always base their recommendations depending on the patient’s various health factors.

At Zed Lasik, you can be confident that each of our eye specialists are competent and highly experienced in Epi Lasik surgery. It is our duty to provide not only the best surgery results but also services beyond eye care health.

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