What is Relex Smile Surgery?

Relex РSmile is short for Refractive Lenticule Extraction РSmall Incision Lenticule Extraction. To put it simply, it is a minimally invasive approach using a laser (femtosecond laser) to cut a corneal lenticule (a tiny tissue within the cornea) and then remove it through a small incision thus eliminates the need for a corneal flap.

Many say that Relex Smile procedure is the next generation of laser eye surgery for vision correction. It is a very safe surgical procedure and more stable in the long run.

Illustration of eye care specialist with background of different eye surgery procedures | Zed Lasik Relex Smile Singapore

Zed Lasik is one of the most trusted eye centres in Singapore that offers this highly effective vision correction technique. With our expertise and vast experience in the vision correction field, patients are always assured that they will only get top quality treatment with excellent results through Relex Smile eye surgery.

Why choose Relex Smile Surgery?

You can find numerous patient testimonials that describe their experiences in undergoing Relex Smile eye surgery, and the majority of them are all positive. This is because Relex Smile is a tested and proven technique that is effective and have been very successful for over 10 years. Now, here’s a short list of the benefits you can get with Relex Smile eye surgery.:

  • 80% smaller incision than other laser eye surgery
  • It is less invasive
  • Flapless
  • A very quick procedure
  • Only one laser is used which is more convenient for patients
  • Less dry eye syndrome
  • Significantly decreased possibility of complications
  • Fast eyesight recovery
  • Arguably the safest procedure for patients engaged in contact sports

Those are some of the benefits you can get in Relex procedure. You can find out more about it when you contact Zed Lasik. Our eye specialists will answer all your eye health concerns and give you all the information relevant to your treatment. So, hurry now and take better care of your eyes!

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